Memento Mori / Remember That You Must Die (Latin)

ecquid sublimo, halito ex illa pulveris pupa
sum stiria in oceano, ita sublimo, deliquesco
oracule, nonne sublimo, cur nunquam fluo
ac si fluam verrar genista alius, ita sublimo

arbores mortis non scierint
septembri maium non exspectat
me non callens pugnem scio
ita sublimo


Do I sublimate, as breath from that marionette of dust?
I'm an icicle in the ocean, so I sublimate, I melt away.
Oracle, do I not sublimate? Why do I never flow?
Yet when I flow, I am swept away by someone else's broom,
So I sublimate.

Trees know not of death,
September awaits not May,
And I, unwise as I am,
would fight the things I know.
And so, I sublimate.