The Moon

The moon shone bright that night

Beautiful and full.
I can still picture it.
It was magical the way the light danced.
It swallowed every star in the sky
In its majestic glow.

Tonight, however, the moon is gone.
I don’t know where it went.
I wish it would come back
To light up the darkness like it once did
But wherever it’s gone, I hope it’s happier there.

I may never see that light again,
It may never again shine on my face
Like it did that night,
But at least now
I’m able to appreciate the beauty of the stars.


Netwit2022's picture
A Tribute to Blakely's Moon The glistening stars they wink back at you causing a symphony of light to blow through your tousled hair and slightly pale face wondering why the moon was displaced. But it has not gone now that your heart it has won she simply hides behind the thicket of pines imitating the stars as she furtively shines. When her little holiday is over she'll shine again and gladly appear to you, her lover how could she ever really abandon you when she knows your love is so heartfelt and so true. I wrote this just now, totally off the cuff so it may not be that good, but it is dedicated to the dedication of you and the Moon :o) I think I'll even enter it this week. Thank you for the inspiration.

Netwit aka the NightOwl

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