A mother’s letter

by Arissa

I can’t wait to meet you, please know this is true. 
I cant wait to kiss and cuddle you too. 
To hold you in my arms and snuggle you tight. 
To always love and protect you with all of my might. 
I know you will be beautiful loving and smart. 
You will fill my life with joy and my fridge with your art. 
You will run through the halls and mess up the place. 
Then look at me and smile with a mud covered face. 
You will fight with your brother. 
You will scream and yell. 
I know you two kids will put me through hell. 
You will bring me green frogs and slimey bugs too. 
You will track up the house with mud from your boots. 
You will bring me bouquets of weeds that are “flowers”
and run through the house playing like heros with powers. 
You will make me pull out my hair and lose lots of sleep
but you two rotten kids I think I will keep. 
Because these are just things that all rotten kids do, 
none of them could ever make me stop loving you two.