A Mother Earth ETC

In the whisper of a moonlight stream I heard her sigh or so I thought,
in the rustle of a mottled deer in oak pine forests I heard her weep  or thought I did,
or maybe laugh when  flitting  brightly  over jagged rocks.
Upon  the silver tides a figure fitting her description  swam  or maybe drowned  or even  vanished  in the neon  haze.
Earth  mother,
birth mother, bosom to an infant chain,
whose layered womb pulses to infinity,
whose foetal spark aches
for her many sibling forms to coalesce or come to term

Shortlisted second place in monthly Creative Writing Ink contest December 2018


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear MyNAh_27 , 367th Weekly Poetry Contest I am glad your poem was a success Nature is what keeps man mentally forever. There are billions of stories that tell the life of man silently to nature, recording footprints as memories from birth to death in the lap of nature. .This poem is best written with subtle thoughts in the expression of a thought of something. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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Fliss's picture
M! Congrats again on winning the contest. I like the title here and the imagery throughout. I've always appreciated the thought of Mother Earth and am happy to find her in a poem, so well described. The uncertain tone also appeals. Well done for your second place and best of luck with this contest, from Fliss :-)

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