by Kate

What a commotion in the woods!
What slippery roots!
Making me slide
On their slimy arms
Leaves are raining
Like bombs in Paris are

What a motion in the woods!
Crowns of trees dancing
Like a tribal ceremony
Drumming and growling
And stamping round the fire
In the ferocious wind
Coming from the attacks on France!
Children bouncing like balls
From a tree trunk to a tree branch
From the parent's arm to a friend's side!
As the earth quakes
Under the suicidal assaults
Going on at the French court!

Make me a mushroom
Lurking behind a wig
Of its adjacent stump
Wearing a red hat
Dotted with white stains
A white leg thrust into the earth
Severing the body
Of an earthworm passing by
Sorry to end your life
Exactly in the same minute
The strings of lives
Are cut by fanatic scissors
In France!

No hips no fat
Just a white chunk
And a circular plate
On a mushroom's leg!
Is what I wanna be
No brain no vein
No blood to squeeze out
Cleansed of thought
Living on water
Living on breathing
The wood's smell with no nose
Only with pores
No fear no attachment
Only its roots embracing
The ground's safe home

Make me a mushroom
Sitting in the deep tree maze
Slouched behind a sleeping flower
Tickled by an ant's toe
Scurrying in a tow
Behind its buddies its mates
I'd feel so safe!
Unlike the French
Either playing football
Or watching a theatre's play!
And suddenly... bum bum
Shot shot and ...
Scythe in the hand...
Hacks death in the air!

Let's pray for the Paris palette
Splashed with blood
Of the today´s bereaved
For the today´s deceased
On the 13th of November
Thirteenth blended with Friday
A bad omen