My Fair Lady

You came into my life
Like a breadth of fresh air
Like a whiff of fragrance
Like a passing cool breeze
Like a meandering stream
Like a cascading waterfall
Like the robust rising sun
Like the gleaming full moon
Like the dancing flame of a candle
Like the sparkling gem
Like the smile of a child
Like the coy bride
Like the blazing colors of fall
Like the rebirth of nature in spring
Like the thrill of a roller coaster ride
Like the weary wayfarer finding a safe haven.

You permeate my soul, my being
I see you in the grace of nature
I see you in the potency of the prayer
I see you in my dreams
I think of you and feel you by my side –
every moment, every breath.

For once I am at peace,
I have no complaints with the world,
Everything seems to appear as it should be.
I find ways to be grateful.

Life is a journey,
You, its destination!

Like a flickering light
at the end of the tunnel,
Like a shimmering mirage
to a weary wayfarer,
Like the glimmering North Star
to a lost seafarer.
Always stay within my sight
Lest I wander off…
Alone and lost.