Of My Own Making

The vaulted sky, a moon that high
This distance makes me ache to fly
Instead I have to sit or lie
I close my eyes and breathe
Up here this air will sanctify
I soar and glide, I live and die
The ground away below is dry
I leave myself beneath

Transport me, take me far away
Is my alarm call every day
I don't care if it's red or grey
Just show me something new
No angel comes to show the way
I climb the hill because today
Is easy meat to piss away
Know I believe in you

I brush my feet to lose the sand
I didn't know, I hadn't planned
That day we play like kids is grand
A dog sprints on a heath
This life's a game, I'll bluff my hand
Fuck porn stars, deal in contraband
I'll cut my tether to the land
And leave myself beneath