Nature’s bounty

nature gives
freely to all
sun that shines
rain that falls

trees grow high
flowers bloom
bees make honey
that fills their hives

of nature’s bounty
each one can share
with one another
that all may have

care for each other
see to their needs
that done do suffer
for that which they need

yet all to not
work equally hard
in providing
for each other’s needs

should their lot then
be just the same
of another who
works not as hard

and if it should then
why should they try
if for their work
there is no reward

no in all fairness
they who do more
should be rewarded
with a greater share

but not to the point then
that for their reward
would cause another
then to have not

of nature’s bounty
all must have part
that of their needs
they will not want