New Love

Fragments of
our yesterdays
we embraced
small moments of a chance
we met each other's broken pieces with no intentions of repair
your face was familiar
hands that called to my body as if they knew my skin
home was a word I had forgotten
until you returned it in the form of
you brought a comfort i had long forgotten
yet the weight of your gravity could never be ignored
I may have been broken
a thousand tiny pieces of a girl
scattered amongst the wreckage
but you were simply a foundation left standing after a hurricane
wreckage scattered for miles
no way to recoup all you once were
your eyes held a tired like a disease
body conformed to its will
hiding away the heart of you
my eyes were searching for a place to forget
my heart knew the sound of your silenceĀ 
standing in darkness we had chosen
through all of our walls
and masks
and silence
and space
we could see each other
hear each other
we found each other

You are not my knight
shining armor and white horse
you did not save me from the dragon
or kiss me awake from a cursed slumber

I am not your goddess
showering you with confidence and power
i can not rescue pieces of your love that no longer exist in this world
or give back the years lost to empty promises
You are a reminder of beginnings
after assumed finalities

A promise to find reasons

Proof of a good decision

and that to love
is the only choice I have to make