The Night of Christmas

I’m spending a quiet evening
this Christmas – just by myself.

I shut off the Christmas music
and plunge my home
in total darkness and silence.

I drop down on my knees –
Depressed, sorrowful and forlorn –
I join my hands
bow my head
and cry silently
trying to lighten the turmoil within,
To mend the lilt of
true spirit of Christmas
that time has set awry.

I light a solitary candle
and venture to gather
some warmth from its
gentle and heartening glow
reassuring and bathing me
in peace and comfort.

No one is coming over
and I have nowhere to go,
I have bought no gifts and
have nothing to sip or savor.

But wait...
Who now knocks at the door?
--A disquieting feeling
permeates my being—
Who I wonder
would venture out in this
frosty Christmas night?

As I open the door
I see a wicker basket
fetching laid on my doorstep
with warm loaves of bread
and a jug of wine…

My eyes glistened in deep gratitude.

But there’s no one in sight
hush all around and quiet,

And then...

through this dark and foggy night
I see
A solitary star aglow
and footprints in the snow.