An Ordinary Man's Tale

Methinks, he’s going out of style--
Outdated, outworn,
Life outran him.
But he had his days in the sun,
He had his fun.

It's time for him to lay back and relax
and reminisce about the days gone by;
He had the highest aspirations
He had the sturdiest hopes
And he did the very best he could.

He had his ups and downs,
Maybe a few more misses and falls
than he now cares to recall.
He did not build any Rome
nor ever aspired for a scepter or a throne.
Chasing ideals
Weaving dreams
Wooing fame and fortune
was just not him.

He was just one in a flock;
Beset with doubts and fears
He went with the flow.

He broke hearts some--
Didn't mend many,
He wronged some--
Didn't amend any.

No matter how often
He now turns back and looks,
He sees that he lived the way
it was laid out for him.

He did his deeds
without many applause
or rewards received,
He fulfilled his lease
and now retreats in peace.