Organic Chemistry Test Part 2

Organic chemistry, a convoluted topic-cum-tantalising
potent cryptic art,
bane of every scientist with half a brilliant mind
and ample heart,
teachers in this field make every effort
but know-how has its never-ending bugs,
bungled shots at mastery whet a chronic need
for instant hugs
At twenty two my third year paper
had me in the grip of  feeling dumbstruck,
my  blank expression shook with disbelief
as I sought a golden wink from Lady Luck,
nervous giggles, comic errors, acts of smart retrieval
in retrospect  should never count as fun,
but never fear, triumphant mark,
percentage wise a glowing grade A one!


Fliss's picture
This is fun to read, M! I didn't study organic chemistry at school, but my older brother did and found it quite hard. I like 'cryptic art' in that respect and 'never-ending bugs' is a highlight too. Best of luck to you :-)

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