Out of Sync

Despite the unthinkable chasm between them,
A journeyed to the abode of Z
to enjoy cuddles and fondling
created by strings of attachment named Samson.
Thorns, thistles, hurdles breathed fire and brimstone,
threatening to capsize the rickety canoe
yet Samson swooped in to save the day,
But when time took to her heels
pouch contents spilled revelations
and a once synchronous moiety
was torn to shreds of tears and
a haphazard melody.
A planned profusely and Z conceded completely,
seemingly active, yet dubiously passive,
birthing an illusion of viable compatibility
a smooth uneventful journey together,
only for repetitive heinous wounds to unravel
a foundational flaw, rottenness unparalleled.
The decay oozes from hidden depths,
filtered out to the surface as a deceptive sweet savor,
frailty perceived as virtue,
failure disguised with profuse activity,
until full years stand empty handed, squandered
and small projects meet with, no plan,
yielding untouched and shabbily executed jobs.
One only wonders at how the bond stood for so long
despite the adamance and willful redundancy plaguing Z,
the intentional tripping stones thrown in the path
to keep from progressing to greater height
that would elevate both A and Z.