Out&In and In&Out

Day light, so bright-
Fingers tires scrolling screen;
Eyes sore falses seeing
Cerebrum collapses;"Hey!Alright?"

Closed 'lids. Bright dims-
Untill muslin black accompanies;
Diving in self symphonies.
"Woebegone?" Come stitch seams.

Rueful ruelles crystal clear -
Different colours absorbed here.
Circles entwined in triangular;
Float popping patterns peculiar!

"Why pale before gale?"
All hues hidden within,
Blessed with gorgeous green,
Wheel comparisons to hell.

Bending,those branches murmured
"Stand tall yet humble".
Widened wings from shell-
Journey outward absolutely armoured.

Dawns now the night-
Those twilight how halcyon,
Snatch softly moment's neon.
Drenches dark in sight.

Out and in flourish-
Pixels pigmented pitch black,
Dream lying on lilac ,
Suddenly swirl to cherish.

In, roll reflection anew-
Gentle gleam caressingly called
Towards lunette heart hauled.
Fireflies dance in view.

Skyful of sprinkled stars-
Eclipsed those known brilliance;
Scarcely searched for once,
Extremely down to ours.

Such friends in support-
Makes work without effort.
Though night seems short,
Let divine dreams escort.

(*ruelle is French word for alley/corridor*)