the most common
will compensate the loss

deterioration may begin
in either as corresponds
where blood usually pools

flashes of light
mistaken for the foreign fluids
interacting in photographs
as light reflects off the condition

to a young child
still in an early stage
only visible itself

only appearing in the decade of life
in a gradual loss
the abnormal vessels
slowly, atrophy may be necessary

thought to result from
leakage of space over time
the accumulation thickens
leading to massive temporal portions

from the abnormal vessels
may be seen finding
linear enhancement, may be
total in some cases

while in others
the wall may be irregular
in the early stages
there are few options

destroy the abnormal
thus halting progression
if the leaking vessels are not accidental
damage to itself in permanent

blindness tends to loss
it may stop on its own
temporary or permanent