A Penny for your Thoughts

If I can tell
What’s on my mind,
And tell it just
the way I feel --
That you are gentle and kind,
Or are morally blind,
Oh, well...
Won’t it be easy and swell?

If I can then speak
straight from my heart,
And say, you pissed
me off from the start,
Or, you brighten my day,
I’m crazy about you, if I may.

And if I can plainly
state what I think:
You smell sweet as a rose
Or like a skunk, you stink;
Will it make the world
a better place to live
if I reveal my folly,
foible and pet peeve?

With your life at stake,
What would you say?
Would you court a lie
to save the day,
Or in the realm of truth
Would you let your heart to sway?
Would you wear a smile
over your grim face and lie
when your sins you confess,
Or fall on your knees and cry?

What would this life be like
If it were only black and white
And no shades of gray,
No dusk or dawn,
But just stark nights
and bright sunny days?

We walk the corridors of twilight,
And shy away from
pitch darkness and
the focus of the spotlight;

Our thoughts are the most precious –
Good, evil, noble or vicious,
We hold them oh so dear,
And tiptoe through life
lest someone should hear.