Pills Pills Pills

Under the weather? Feeling blue?
You need to be happy and want to smile--
A smug smile or a flirtatious one?
A heart-felt smile? A smirk or a sneer?
Or eyes crinkling ear-to-ear grin?

Don't worry, pop a pill!

Headache? Pop some pills!
Fever or for any of your ills –
Sore throat? Running nose?
Backache? Joint pain?
Bad bowl moment? Sleeplessness?
Low libido? Birth control?
Feeling blue, under the weather?
You’re cranky and pain in the neck?
Yep, your answer is pills!

Just U-haul the pills around.

High Cholesterol, Low Cholesterol?
High or low blood pressure?
Feeling dizzy? Want to feel high?
Going crazy? Pump up your muscles?
Excel in school? Excel in sports?
Date pills, LSD, Viagra, Speed,
Sugar pills, Heart pills, water pills, you name it
And, pills to knock you out cold!

But do we have a pill to live life right?

A joy pill? A pill for happiness?
A love pill? A pill for peace?
A pill for faith? A pill for creed?
A pill for knowledge? A pill for wisdom?
A pill to appear likeable?
A pill for compassion?

But if you or I have a choice,
Will you pick a crystal-ball pill
and peek into the future –
If not years ahead but just tomorrow,
Or a pill to disappear into the thin air
and dodge the sorrows of this world.

But we all chug along the course of our destiny
Swallowing the bittersweet pill of life!