A Poetry for the Unborn Girls

Joyfull news! Oh, I became a mother, 
And you a father, great news isn’t it? 
Oh! yes dear, but let me know 
is it a boy or a …girl? 
Why to worry? Both are welcome 
our first fruit of love! 
yes! dear, yet we should have a check.. 
….oh! then curse the gods, it’s a …. “girl”!!! 
but nothing to worry, 
still there is time….still there is time.. 
For what dear? why are you angry? 
still there is time to… “kill her” at once! 
What Oh! I shall never allow! 
How could you! Oh! no never.. 
Stop weeping and shut up! 
I’ve decided and so I shall do! 

Thus another soul ended its journey          
in the womb back to heaven… 
without smelling the fresh breeze, 
without hearing the lullabies, 
without seeing the mom’s face, 
without tasting the breast milk, 
without sleeping in dad’s arms, 
away she goes, far away she goes… 

‘What is the sin I had done?’, 
this question had been repeatedly ringing 
in Dad’s ears for the past few days… 
‘Hallucination’! Doctor prescribed a pill 
and the world had forgotten, 
that one day Janet was pregnant, yet she didn’t give birth 
and at times she does hear some inner voice calling 
‘Mommy’ and a pain in her womb, 
then with her tear filled eyes she will glance 
at the cloth line fluttering in the breeze, 
at the tiny pink frocks and a pair of socks she had knitted… 
for her unborn….little ‘girl’. 
the soft teddy on the shelf, 
vacant photo frames on the wall, 
tiny pearl necklace she made, 
its all waiting …and waiting for years, 
for the arrival of Janet’s ‘unborn-little girl’. 

Millions of ‘Janets’ are singing sweet lullabies, 
in the entire world for their unborns, 
So, what are you waiting for? 
Do ask thy conscience! 
Are you not a human too, who have a mom, sis and aunts? 
Are you not dreaming too, to see the face of thy newborn once? 
Are you not aware that, nature, earth and nation are all our mothers? 
Are you not aware that you wont have been here to read this lines, 
if thy mother was an ‘unborn’! 
Are you not aware that, humanity as a whole shall seize to an end 
if ,all at once, no women was there? 

If you had known all these facts, 
Then how could you, let Janet sing? 
Stop staring and stand up, 
Go, make cradles for the little ‘girls’ to be born, 
Go, wipe the tears of mothers of unborn, 
Then, dear world that’s my dream, 
A girl’s journey from womb to grave, 
with no worries and tears, 
just smiles and pleasures!