The Political Plight


They erected a republic
above the earth.
Building materials were
passion, blood, dreams…

That future-proof nation
is chancy,
and in peril now.
Democratic arteries
are blocked
with the plaque of fascism.
Where the majority of voters
are pig-ignorant,
democracy decomposes.
Its ghastly ghost,
spooks the citizens.

To be good and glad,
a little brain is enough.
But they’re brainwashed
by the fascists.
Communal dynamites
demolish harmony.

Political eclipse
gobbles the light.
Societal cancer spreads
in the absence of
knowledge rays.

This chilly lengthy darkness
is like the Antarctic Night,
yet the sun won’t fail to rise.

*Ignocracy - a form of Democracy, a democratically elected government
that deliberately Ignores the best interests and the wishes of the governed.