Porphyry Of Marvel

Glance at magic
images unfolding
revel in ephemeral
design without
the slightest whiff
of stern hesitancy
your mind is
an electric grid
eclectic grid
with sleeping
porphyry of marvel
dwellings  fringe
defying slant
and edgy rim
hue stone
staunch berth
the script is
now a pulse
unveiling bold
rapid relay
nuggets usher
that capsize
rigid patterns
prime volte face
shady palette
stuns verse
mould flush
palm flash by
driven gaunt
lip yen term
eyes that feast
upon immersive
seam gem crust
edging minus
whiff of decline
as poet’s bane
when factors skim
hazed scatter blind
canopy on stump
orchard awning
orchid bliss patch
sideway ochre pit
whet the dawn bard
pestle, spatula, gel
emulsify a wink
hint, tip, sign
simoleon of pen
stock for kudos
indigo on impact
ornamental stanza
soft fruit crush
smeared contest
ripe piano tinkling
music chord inking
allylic fantasy span
floral rivulets swell
one cannot quell
nor even dream
of stemming