Prisoner Interrogation During War

The tormentor slammed the heavy wrought iron door.
"No information yet from this guy" he mumbled to himself
"But we have ways, yes we do," he continued to murmur to himself.
After all the prisoner, captured from the underground was very fortunate.
"How may in his group in the forest? How many women? Weapons? What are they up to next?
It was like an annoying ant on a thick-skinned elephant/
Besides the lieutenant realized, we're losing the damned war.
How will it end? How many more months?
The instructiveness: callous, torture, who cares about the Geneva convention
All will be added to a mountain of guilt, denied with lies.
After all war is war and rules are often broken!
But the lieutenant moved on. Retribution! He'd slowly accustomed to torturous inquiries,
Starvation techniques, pain induced while tied up, and the constant harassment in information seeking.
By the turn of the screw, with utter pain method they'd all break or go mad
And defiance would end up in submission and admission but who could tell truth from lies.