A Rabbit From The Hat

Are there words within our grasp or are they just impostors from another  planet ?
Are there words to conjure rabbits from the hat of dormant moons or latent sunshine?
Will some pearl escape the mollusk of the wild to shed it’s luster?
Play-Doh lines pop up to meet a threshold never seen by light  and lens.
Are there words that act the sniffer dog picking up the scent of every phrase?
Fluorescent  words, dancing  in  a half turn swing and pivot,  ronde de jamb en l’air  and so much more.
Fancy letters trim the wick to burn their excess blubber and good riddance.
Trenchermen for hokum or high bromide don’t apply!
Hoodoo in devils town, tent rock on the go, terms that crystallize a sensual magma.
Words that ripple over vitric tuff and breccia,
cheekily caressing  every 
sunken bank or mudslide,
frogman in mid-air,
grasshopper on a slimey pool,
itching for the wand to appear!



MaryPP's picture
Well done MyNah_27! You got in early with this one, so we have time to read it over and over! You have created so many pictures here and asked some good questions too! I love the last two lines! Best of luck in the competition!

Mary PP

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