Raining in classroom

A dark flower bloomed
At noon, slowly, yet it spread
Across the classroom.
The white colored books,
Bearing nothing in them
But hollow words, fluttered.
Tried to murmur, in vain.
The black board, along with that chalk
Tried hard to shut the rain up.
Roared to make silence.
But the black flower spread,
Swallowing the desks, benches and everything.
Now the only light, this window.
There, the tamarind leaves,
Near a locked up gate,
Scurries away as someone follows.
And then the window was closed.
Darkness becomes emptiness,
So viscous like a coffin.
Suffocating darkness.
Laying down on desk, I pray.
God make this the world's end.
And then,
The chalk piece came
Crashing on my head.
I stood up,
A lightning of question thundered me.
And there,
It started raining from my eyes.
Slowly went away home.