Remembering my Father-in-law


His life spreads over the two continents –
the Twentieth and the Twenty-first –
on the time map.

The capital of his attitude with its cultural
virtues is located in the last century.
He’s a repairer,

bold and burly, who always tries to screw
the loose nuts of the new generation.
When the teens call

an ugly red-lipped batfish, ‘Beautiful!’
he corrects them, pointing at
a pearl-spot fish.

He preserves the familial juice within his
coconut shell. Like a beachcomber,
he walks down

his memory lane. Undaunted by the abnormal
cardiac rhythms, he saunters along
the serene way

through the heart of nature. He’ll no longer
log in a new day. A loss has
many reflections.

First published by Budding Light Press, Australia