Sailing Silvery Seas


Man had dreamed of Luna’s silver seas
Since first He gazed into the spangled skies.

What secrets lay behind Her gleam?
What treasures hid beneath Her skin?
Would She welcome Him with open arms,
Or spurn His advances with cold distain?

He tried to catch Her fancy with sacrifice,
Howled like the wolf with bloody hands,
But still She hung impervious,
Indifferent to His pleas.

Forward swept the sea of time,
Moonlight guiding Man’s ambitions—
One by one the continents fell
Conquered by the hand of Man.

Above them hung the silvery moon,
Fair Luna standing still inviolate.
He looked again to win Her favor
Seeking new ports to sail into.

He tried ascending in silken folds,
Warm air rising…but not enough.
He built machines of steel and iron
Belching flames to touch Her orb.

And when at last He touched Her skin—
Stepping foot upon Her shore,
He found but dust beneath His soles…
Abandoning Her in discontent.

So hangs the moon above Him still
A lover spurned as cold and dead.