Santicfied Thoughts

The sun is softly dwindling.
Soon the moon will be in.
I haven't heard from honey.
He keeps me wondering.
I'm not unsure of nothing.
He keeps me satisfied.
I'm filled up with his love.
And to him I will abide.
But I just have valid concerns.
Keep my worries away honey.
His comforts is what she learns.
I am missing my sweetie, and pondering on the day.
Please come and soothe me baby, and wish my worries away.
I get so happy chatting.
He gives me butterflies.
My love is very blatent, and it wears no disguise.
So for him: pitter-patter goes my meart.
The end of this rhyme is not to part.
A dual blessing is in the works, and remains forever, to end all quirks!