September Telltale Whisper

Autumn, a time for reflections on reflections
and they are rife, linked to  pearly grey sky
lake, puddle, mud strewn path or no,
while  each steep cliff face boldly juts its
sheer defiance without  concession or a budge
through jagged edge loadstone chipping
as the chilling froth-tipped sea mounts its saline tumult irrespective of an iron cast continuing rebuttal.
One can pass the baton u turn  so turbulent
within our mental recess at end of summer phase.
September signpost deigns to whisper
of a scenic telltale hint and tint,
this somber colour gloss  an imposition  on July
sunburst relish,  such  a sullen flashback amid the garden suite indigo plot beyond  utopian expanse which
every avid green-fingered artisan must doff their pale straw rimmed hat to, that  transit between seasons, annual curtain
drop awash with predetermined wish fulfilment, glow upon each glitter that sparks our child eternal down the ages,
somehow yet  an underlying dread  might spoil or pamper
in such icicle entanglement so wicked in its frozen mosaic
chase, indelible precursor now more than ever so inevitable