Shadowy Girl

Rain or River
Which is you
Tell me
I saw the eyes
Cloud or Rabbit
Which is you
Losing Heart
And I born dream /
With heavy weighted
I died snow /
To keep the breathing
As the wish
God given heart
Lakhs of rainbows
Like the papers
Which is me
I called the
Wonder smile moon
Which is like
Haiku Flower
As "Kuttima"
Still I remember
One evening
First time
You and Me
While talking
Heavy rain full
Asked the umbrella
In the masked earth
Where will I search
My butterfly's address.
I will ask
Where is my last breath
If you ask
Me to make you
Fly like a kite
I will lift you
In shoulder as the
Wingless comrade
Life will say
"With Love" and
The reality is not
Like the
Fantasy Dream.


Fliss's picture
Hello Mohamed, You write very engagingly here; I particularly like 'Cloud or Rabbit', but 'Wonder smile moon' also appeals. Wishing you every success, Fliss

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