This Show is Boring Me

The elephant struts in a cloud of destruction
Senses hidden beneath thick skin,
He won’t notice the butterfly settling on his back.
Trumpeting through rigid tusks,
His opinion resonates throughout the land
He is the true king of the jungle
For what lion can charge as a bull,
Uproot trees,
Destroy with a single step?
Subjugation is the unyielding symbol of power, he knows

All the while, royalty rests quietly in the shade
~Let the elephant make his noise
My queens will slay him
But I’m not hungry yet~

And now, you, Jackass
Swat at the butterfly with your tangled tail
As noisy as the elephant
With your ears back and teeth showing
Thinking, neigh,
That your path is the best route up the mountain,
That you are superior to the elephant
With your smaller foot print, drinking less water
While carrying the heavy burden
Of Supreme Righteousness.
Dig your feet in, if you don’t like the way
Buck and bite
And see where that gets you
The know-it-all does not see enlightenment in his reflection

Yours is intractable folly
And you, too, will fall prey
The mountain lion
Silently stalks

I long for the Monarch’s musings
But she is a silent breath
Difficult to hear among the pandemonium of
Your Impotent Contest

So feed the addiction to your noise,
But be not surprised when I wander away
Seeking the quiet luminary who knows her time is fleeting
And embraces the necessity of transformations in life
She suffers not the burden of esteemed philosophy
But trusts the invisible wind to bring her along
And embraces the resolute strength of soft silk

Mother Monarch
Lead me into a migration which I will never complete,
Far away from the noise of Important People
And trust that my children and grandchildren will get there
To quietly start again.