The Simplest Thing

Love is the simplest thing.
Tiny, it buzzes with subatomic force
holding disastrous, awesome power,
yet more often slipping through your fingers.

As elusive as air; as soon as you realize it’s there, it’s gone.
But the going never ends, like
some law of conservation of energy,
it takes its wasted potential out on its god’s soul

As natural as soil, it brings forth life
able to support the most sublime and delicate foliage.
But with bitter taste in mouth and neck,
everyman must eat his peck.

Water naturally must take its course
so love stays true to Fate from end to source
as true if grave to crib as morn to night
with love comes all righteousness’ insight.

And Fire makes the most convincing love
spreading warmth and kindness it passes
as life’s necessity. Just as easily lit,
coming from our holy solar center to touch
each and every one of us. Life’s first
tool. From spark to raging inferno.

And yet every animal, with natural sense,
shows fear and bolts from something so immense.