Suicide Is Forever

What does one say when his little brother is gone?
I don't know…I don't want to know.
My throat burns, it feels like my is heart weeping.
I know I said yes I understand but how can I ever?
I really say no, please please no, this is beyond me.
Tell me good is ahead.
Call me and tell me that.
Little Brother
Call me and ramble on ... it's ok I have the time.
Don't say you love us then leave us no one to love back.
No fair!
I'm telling! You're in trouble!
Come on.
We will let you win. You can be the smartest. fastest, the king of the hill, it’s your tum, don't go.
Hey, you can ride my bike, all day!
All week!
You pick .... it’s your turn.
We love you. I love you.
It’s ok, everything is gonna be ok.