The Sunken Place

Under the cover of darkness
on a dark dreary night
when the moon is lost in
a maze of foreboding clouds,
like a weary soul wandering lost in
the dismal desolate alleyways.

I, alone, by myself, traveling onward
My course well charted
Each step carefully measured,
My destination…
Yet unknown!

At the dawn of dusk
in a realm of hush
I hear the shush of the wind
as it sweeps low and hisses
like the slithering snake
threading through a graveyard
in the quiet of night?
The fear that reverberates
with each thumping of my heart
like a rolling thunder …
Do you hear its silent echoes
in the dead of night?

And this forlorn sullen moon 
with its eerie silvery glow spawns
who knows what frightful folklore?
Beneath this distant firmament
with its myriad peering eyes
in this ever engulfing darkness,
Where would one find a sliver of hope?

Now only the promise of a tomorrow
may uplift me from my sunken place.