Tides Of Wonder

Tides - puppets of the universe and earthly vernal motherlode,
cast by the sky's holy triad through timeless flight caverns.
Pawn to a faraway galaxy girding the imagination.
Magnetic beam of cosmos shunts silver tinted streams from pillar to post.
Gravity a potent magnate, elemental locking tool, pulls no punches.
Sinewy ripple gnawing at the heal of rushing rivulets.
Brine-filled backwash.
Manaunaun, mythic sea god and whirlpool rhythm saviour.
Curator at the carrageen cusp.
Ear of gaia, titan offspring soaking up the ocean's saline secrets.
Interstitial lichen purged from rock and crevice as moss flecks wither on sequestered pools.
Tilting reeds merge with crowded flora and their flock-like gestures.
The froth of rapid frescos leach the rampart studded coasts without a glitch.
Shorelines daubed with spiral seashells and lover’s telltale footprints.
Shoot the moon soulmates swallowed in the eddy of Eros.
Tangled torsos
sensual gasp filtered through Aeon’s heady torrent.
Moonlight laughter pours into the sand, that eager host embracing whimsy with its golden grains.
Neptune nudge and wink peers with envy behind some purple cloud.
Aphrodite wonder waltz, showcase on parade inside that ballroom in the sky.
Tides of passage, tides of time,
tidal waves awash and on the march.
The unstoppable march!

Explanatory notes.
Manaunaun in mythology the god of motion, and of the waves of the sea.
Gaia is the mother of all life.
Renamed and edited version of an earlier submission called Tides