The Tongue-Tied Twenty Seven Minutes

by Ananya

Twenty seven minutes and not a single syllable,
Has made my mind go quizzical.
I thought over and over again,
If I had done something that brought her pain.

Today our house record has broken,
As this is the longest time my wife has not spoken.
My mistakes get me a scolding,
But nothing could abstain her from talking.

A silent woman is hazardous,
And this sentence could never be slanderous.
Anytime now I would be the victim,
To her wicked criticism.

She was born in the month of May,
So it can't be her birthday.
We were married in January,
Thus can't be our anniversary.

Did I bring an extra can of juice?
Or got a different flavour of mousse?
As these issues could cause a havoc,
And could even give me a shock.

On recalling everything I did since morning,
I don't find anything concerning.
So now it's time to pray to Lord,
To stop the increasing house record.

( A light humorous poem. Enjoy reading! )