Trump! Four More Years!

This is what we need
Relentless actions taken to help make America great again
U, I and the whole nation know
More than ever before he is the strong arm that we all must have
Please don't let fake news and jealous Dem's lies sway you

Follow your heart along the path you know to be true
One vote of yours could make all the difference
U have no excuse
Release yourselfs from fear and don't hold back

Make your voice heard above the chaos
Owe it to yourself and to your nation as a whole
Rock that vote and change the world
Every four years a change to make history and destiny comes along

Yours is now coming in 2020
Either make it happen or don't
A choice is open for you to make a change for us all
Regardless of how others feel and what they might do to bully you, do not let them

If you want Trump four more years
Then in Nov 2020 you know what you have to do.....

You have to make America great again!

You have to make America Trump again!

2019 Ramona Thompson