Twinflames (Water)

after Saad Ali
for saying time doesn't exist

They say realms are made of water –
cyclonic waves twisting out of skies;

we weren't formed from sand but stars –
our eyes reflect stories of reincarnation.

They say we travelled timelines
of centuries long past our futures,

that we were once the ocean
where water-myths dwelled;

fairies with tails in deeps beyond
the eyes' reach. We rebelled our form

and chose power – magnetic waves
looping life – like memories that chase

dreams of after-life even before birth –
they say the hunt for time never ends.

We have held our bodies in liquid jail,
and our tails have wandered further

than where the horizon and ocean meet.
We are passages morphing with age;

elemental like youth, electric like water,
ethereal like earth under the ocean.