The Twist

by Nicola

Ask me to dance
I’ll not say no-
Just come to my arms
And away we’ll go.
If you like, there’s the Waltz,
Full of grace, nice and slow.
Or if you wish, you’ve but to say,
Smoothly progress, Quickstepping gay.
Or we’ll do the Yearning Saunter with a dream enraptured face,
Or go gliding through La Rinka with the skater’s easy pace.

If you want to hot it up a bit, I’ll Rock n’Roll or Jive,
Should you wish to go all folksy, I’ll gladly dip and dive.
I will step the saucy Samba
Or perform the Cuban Rumba,
You’ll find me expert at the Cha-cha-cha.
Scots w’ha, I’ll Strip the Willow,
Petronella suits me fine,                                          
See, in the Djatchko Kolo,                                        
Your flying feet match mine.

I will Polka, skip or clasp
Or go reeling ’til you gasp,
Nor wait for an excuse
To swing into La Russe
                   Clasping firmly , pivoting freely,
                     Outward leaning, faster turning,
                      Twirling, whirling, skirts outswirling,
                       Gaily, madly, eyes-a-laughing,
                        Merrily, dizzily, closer grasping,
                         Quicker, faster, speedier, circling
                           Like a top, in a blur, through the air hurtling,
                                            Slowing ,

But bid me Twist
And I desist,
’Tis not my predilection.
It’s not for me,
I’m far too shy…
Though on reflection,
Should I feel so inferior?
     It occurs to me,
    The more I see
    Them swing those hips
    And twist those feet
    And chew that gum,
    And dig that beat
    Distort those lips
    And shake that bum, Some
Besides myself, have a most inelegantly
     contoured posterior…

(by Geoff Patrick)