by vandy

A mountain breeze

happy, unshackled and ecstatic.

Undisturbed and non- disturbing

flowing like a river, with an ease

"Pray, stop I want to mingle",

begged the fragrance of a flower.

Knowing it would disturb her equilibrium said,

No, we 're happy the way we are..

But this is not the way of the world,

You'd be lonely without me.

Nature's kingdom would  be incomplete

If we didn't meet.

A beautiful tale will remain untold.

Think of the deep bonding of the 
loose atoms,
Don't be shy, be bold.
The fragrance was inviting,
the promise of life long belonging.
And together creating a gift for humanity.
Madly, deeply, truly.
Slowly, the bond started to break
It is  also the law of nature, the breeze exclaimed!
And heard the scent of the flower asking a wild wind
Pray, stop I want to mingle. Bonding...depth...belonging.