United Routes To Ponder

by MC

Georgia to start,
beauty, warmth, soul food, a' la carte.
North Carolina trees and that breeze,
birds, animals, a zoo without fees.
South Carolina's next,
little more warmth, wanting to text.
Back down to hotter Mississippi,
getting lost and getting lippy.
Virginia, definitely a beach,
expensive, no cussing, preach.
Maryland's flowers and open spaces,
plenty of species, different faces.
Washington D.C., can I really be?
For a moment, plenty of museums to see.
What's in rainy Indiana?
Drove through it couldn't tell ya.
Illinois noise, skyscrapers,
winding roads, you'll need your map papers.
New York, lost again heading down,
too big here, maybe a visit to Chinatown.
Beware of the Pennsylvania Turnpike,
in rain, sleet and snow, drivers, I'd almost hike.
Ohio's Four Seasons and Great Lakes have a way,
of making me say,
shoot on over to Texas shops,
huge areas, rest area stops.
Recall Kentucky, how lucky then,
to get a workout in, but when.
Florida, most of all to remember,
sand roads and gators can dismember.
Seen Iowa in the night's snow,
didn't want to leave, wanted to row.
Utah really has salted roads,
shimmering, powdery, semis pulling loads.
Have you ever woke up to Wyoming snow?
Was fast asleep in car, a tank flipped, I don't know.
The New Mexico fender bender to get fuel,
too hot to breathe, a total duel.
Finally California and beaches to lie,
maybe next time I'll see other states, doubt I'll fly.