Vrishchika Wind


You were
neither a destroyer
nor a preserver
like Shelley’s west wind.
You were
a native signal
to harvest the taro and tapioca.
You were
a swing for the shore,
and my soul too.

You weren’t
just a parching wind
for me.
My still leaves
were energized
by your verve.

Moon shines.
Henna plant blooms.
Ghost of a love loiters
in the old melody
from a CD.
If you blow now,
a heaven will open
as in the past.

Climate has changed
like generation.
Vrishchika and the present
are passive,
Season of stirring wind
is no more.
An Ockhi of havoc howls

Vrishchika,- a month in Malayalam calendar, noted for continuous
wind in some parts of Kerala
Ochkhi – name of a cyclone

First published in The Curlew (vol.11, issue IV), UK
Reprinted in The Literary Hatchet (issue #23)