Walls of addiction

Trapped with no release, pacing back and forth.
The weight of bricks upon my chest, I'm drug from South to North.
I've tried to change this wicked pattern embedded in my blood.
My heart leans toward righteousness, my mind's stuck in the mud.
Starved into an emptiness, gives will to feed my veins.
A numbness to delay life's flaws, still the outcome doesn't change.
This mask became a part of me, no longer in disguise.
Finding comfort inside of misery, yet believing my own lies.
An element within this zone, is stumbled into a trap.
It's an endless maze of agony, a cycle without a map.
Forced to toss aside accomplishments, another victim it controls.
I'm divided by my weaknesses, I fear how it unfolds.
These walls don't ever simply fall, there built with our conviction.
The guilt inside never fades when haunted by addiction.

By: Cory M Lee