A Wandering Soul

I am just a wandering soul,
With a foggy idea of how life works,
Looking for a road to follow,
Searching for the right answer,
Hoping to not go down the wrong way,
But there is none for a wandering soul,
No matter what you think, let your heart lead,
It’ll drive you to happiness and heartache,
Both are journeys that are unavoidable,
Both are memories that complete you,
Lessons to learn and mistakes to correct,
Each path makes you grow wiser,
Although a small detour never hurt anybody,
The endless thoughts make them dismal,
A gloomy state of mind for a wandering soul,
With no clue of what’s going to happen,
Someday I wish to see a ray of light,
A golden beam to guide me through the darkness,
Some kind of warmness to clear my vision,
To take my hand and calm my scattered mind,
Reassuring me I’m on the right track,
That everything will work out in the end,
That it will be okay for a wandering soul.