That was Then, This is Now

I embarked on a train,
I was happy I was out of the rain,
But I was ambivalent about where I was going,
I was seated with the crowd,
Safe with the numbers.

We journeyed through time’s trail,
Different stops for different folks,
Different stops for different pursuits,
Some knew their purpose,
Some just alighted with someone else.

I was going to alight a few stops away,
I alighted with the person who sat in front of me,
We bided farewell,
A door opened for her,
No door opened for me,
Neither was anyone shut behind me.

I remembered what the sage said,
Sometimes people see you in the light of who you are
while you’re consumed with another dream,
I remembered who I was told I was that I refuted,
I waited for the next train,
I embarked to retrace my steps,
To bond with my muse.

3rd Place Podium Finish in the Poetry Soup Contest