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When Planets Collide

Why consider a new page
To be anything other than hope
Poised for flight?
Like a virgin in an olive grove
Waiting for her toes to curl.

I once stared at a puddle so long
A rainbow appeared.
I believe reality
Is a matter of perspective.
I believe
There are many kingdoms
Other than this.

You know what it feels like
When you lie on your back,
Throwing wishes at stars
And then you see a satellite
Orbiting your world?
Launched before your birth,
It will still beam data
Well past your death,

And that's when it hits you:
Those bright points are mortal—
Fleeting dreams,
A million years dead.


MaryPP's picture
Deep thoughts and questions here to challenge and wonder at Ryan! I enjoyed reading this poem...hope poised for flight and .throwing wishes at stars and fleeting dreams.... Best of luck in the contest Ryan. Mary

Mary PP

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