Whispers by the lake

Deep within the dark grove where whispers meant for one ear become a rhythmic crow,
I wandered, heart ablaze, to places old and woe.
The memories of her essence linger like shadows on the wall
bittersweet nostalgia, melancholy installed.

"Beloved, wait for me," her sonorous voice muttered near,
in the rustle of the leaves, in Zephyr's tender cheer.
Laughter and glee, the symphony's joyous display,
a lullaby of craving that refuses to fade away.

Cedar and pine's aroma, a fragrant sigh,
as I approached the lake house where we said goodbye.
The door creaked open to reveal the secrets of our past,
a chamber of jubilant moments left bare and uncast

“Beloved I am right here,” her melodious voice echoed through the soft breeze.
Her whisper swayed in the emerald grass and the verdant trees.
In every falling petal, in the twilight murk set to amaze,
I found comfort in every moment of our fading days.

Inside our room, dreadful silence occurred,
my trembling feet walked upon the floorboards we both secured.
I sat, eyes closed, as memories flowed into my mind's tale,
a chronicle of love and loss; of two hearts that had once set sail.

"Beloved, listen close," her voice a faint sigh.
Through our window, dark waters lapped at the shores goodbye.
The shore waved a sorrowful jingle that pierced my soul,
it waved a cry to 2 souls eternally separated from their other wholes.

The soft lapping of the lake grew into a crescendoing roar,
as I beheld her figure standing before the door.
Her radiance was softly lit by dawn's first beam,
her presence, like an angel in flight, was the core lumination of my stilled heart's gleam.

In this reunion, both our voices merged as one,
a duet of songbirds sung beneath the ablaze sun.
Tears fell like the call of autumn,
each drop mirrored passion's sigh,
each sob resembled a secret's purr,
each word symbolized our souls unified.

She took my hand, her touch the warmth of winter's night.
In our hearts a love that endured the trials of darkness and light.
Together we walked back through the woods dark and deep,
hand in hand, our footsteps left trails of euphoria through disparity’s seep.