Who’s at fault

Mayhem, pandemonium
total chaos, bedlam, devastation.
A soft, soothing breeze turns
into a whirlwind, a tornado causing
death, destruction and unimagined misery…
Is it the fault of the fair wind?

The life-giving rainfall
cool, refreshing, revitalizing,
turns into a rainstorm, a fierce
thundershower and lightning
spawning flash flood, landslides
with catastrophic consequences…
Is it the fault of the water?

A common man, a homebody,
God-fearing, good,
eking out a simple livelihood,
living a frugal life sparingly,
thrifty and weak-willed.
When politicians, priests or police
wreak havoc in his life and
he turns violent, causing terror, marauding…
Is this the fault of a mere man?