WITCHCRAFTS: Unwitching Hours

Wind back old clock hands to a time more pleasant
Idyllic times, (before that witch and her curse)
Talismans in hand, remove me from 'present'
Chant whatever magical vows in reverse
Herbal intervention or burning incense
Crystalized quotations; book, chapter, verse
Retrograde rootwork rituals to commence
Astral projection, opposite directed
Falsify life story, present to past tense
To the time when days were not hex-infested
Sacred spells of time, when I felt protected

Wicked winds whip
Ice fingered fences
Temporal turn
Clockhands go backwards
Hours erasing

Clockhands sag, (sprung)
Resting together
At six-thirty
Finally I rest
Ticked off, and away...