Into the woods

When life in the city
becomes too much to bear
with its winding concrete roads
its underpasses and overpasses
its tall buildings and speeding cars,
When I am overwhelmed by a sense
of hopelessness and unrelenting stress,
I retreat into the arms of nature.

When life amidst people
becomes too much to bear
with their big black hearts
and petty shriveled souls
and their depraved moral values –
Self-obsessed, materialistic and profane,
I take refuge in the bosom of the forest.

I find solace in its solitude,
Among towering trees
and splendorous falls
With its gushing streams
and magnificent mountains,
The verdant fields and emerald green valleys
with rivers meandering through
rolling hills and lush plains.
Pretty wildflowers beaming in their colorful attire
peeping coyly through grass and shrubs
swaying alluringly with beckoning smiles
and the sound of bees humming joyfully over them
soothes my insatiable craving for bliss!