A Wrinkled Sheet Chokes The Heart

A Wrinkled Sheet Chokes The Heart
“The month of February is totally overrated,”
she grumbles as she dumps a dozen
long-stemmed roses in the garbage can.
She stares at the empty bed
where they both slept the night before,
tangled in one another’s arms.
Remembering the feel  of her lover’s heart
beating against her chest
With the smooth rhythm of a basketball dribbled.
Her cat stops chasing the dust
long enough to glare at her
as she mumbles to herself.
She looks out the picture window
wondering what went wrong.
Everything was fine unitl the sun
banged on the window,
magnifying the sagging skin,
dark circle sunder the eyes.
Her lover rushes out leaving behind
only a kiss, empty promises, and some dirty sheets.
With one swift motion,
she rips the sheets from the bed---
Quickly to lessen the pain.