by MaryPP

I want to write a poem
Just for Poetry Nook
I really enjoy this place
Like a good poetry book

Sometimes I’m inspired by
People and places too
Memories of my family
Many gone now but more new

Too many other cares now
We are moving but not far
This house is too big for two
We’ll be busy – au revoir!

Thank you Poetry Nook and
All the great poets I’ve met
I have no new poem now
But I’m not done, not yet…

I will still check in and read your poems
While we declutter and pack
And who knows I may get inspiration
And in no time I will be back!


Regina's picture
Mary, this jewel of a poem is so lovely and touching. Very musical and sweet too. My Best Wishes for your move and the competition. Please don't be absent long. Your poems are like unwrapping Christmas presents. Hugs ♡


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MyNAh_27's picture
Dear MaryPP, You’ll be sorely missed. I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of everybody touched by your marvelous work in this contest and all others too. I wish to thank you for your friendship and encouragement. Those two magical words in one of your comments on my submissions - Keep Writing. I’ll never forget that advice. Wishing you the very best of luck in moving house. Back to this week’s entry from you. A sincere work with delightful overtones and very human nuances re changing circumstances. Another MaryPP epic. Please return soon Warm Regards, MyNAh_27

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MaryPP's picture
Thank you so much my two Poetry Nook friends! I have really appreciated the help and encouragement you have both given me. Earlier I thought I am not going to get a poem ready for this week......but then I started writing my thoughts and ended up with a poem of sorts! We will be busy indeed, but I will stay in touch and maybe try to continue writing too. Thank you both xx MaryPP

Mary PP

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